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Canadian Enerdata Ltd. (Enerdata) is an independent energy information and consulting firm established in 1984. The company conducts confidential North American natural gas pricing surveys and calculates and publishes various price indices in various publications including the industry benchmark Canadian Gas Price Reporter.

The first two documents below disclose how Enerdata obtains, treats, and maintains price data. They describe Enerdata's price reporting standards, ethics policy, data provider and data confidentiality and use provisions and current methodology in data collection and in deriving its natural gas price indices.

The third document is Enerdata's Data Provider Agreement that provides price data submission details, usage restrictions, and confidentiality provisions for Data Providers.

If you have any questions and/or comments or wish to become a Data Provider, please contact Enerdata at 1-800-752-8878 (

CGPR Price Index Methodology:
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