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About Us

Canadian Enerdata Ltd. is an independent energy (natural gas, crude oil, gasoline, diesel and fuel oil) information, price index publishing and forecasting company established in 1984.

Enerdata publishes the Canadian Gas Price Reporter (CGPR) Monthly and Daily, Weekly Canadian Natural Gas Storage Report, Canadian Energy Trends (CET) and Natural Gas Forward Prices. These exclusive reports are a primary source of historical, current and forecast Canadian and U.S. natural gas prices and price indices and crude oil, gasoline, diesel and heating oil prices.

Subscribers include natural gas, crude oil and petroleum product producers, consumers, traders and marketers, banks, hedge and commodity funds, pipeline companies, gas and power utilities, refiners, storage, drilling and service companies, legal and financial analysts, and government and regulatory agencies across North America and in Europe.

Canadian natural gas price indices (AECO AB-NIT 7A, 2A-5A, Union Dawn, Emerson, Station 2, Huntingdon/Sumas, etc.) published in CGPR are used for trading, settlement and clearing of physical, futures and derivative OTC products on the Natural Gas Exchange (NGX), the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) and directly in natural gas buyer/seller contracts.

Enerdata is also a leading producer of natural gas, crude oil, gasoline, diesel fuel and heating oil price forecasts and forward price curves. These proprietary twice-a-month price forecasts are used for risk management, trading, budgeting and planning, reserves and engineering evaluation purposes by producers and end-users.

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