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Canadian Enerdata Ltd. publishes the following:

Product Single User Price* Distribution License* Download Sample
CGPR Monthly & Daily $1660 / year $6730 / year CGPR Monthly
CGPR Daily
  • * Price does not include GST/HST.

  • Canadian Gas Price Reporter (CGPR) Monthly & Daily

    Canadian Gas Price Reporter (CGPR) has been published since 1988 and is the industry standard reference for Canadian natural gas prices and price indices. It consists of two versions, monthly and daily, available as a single package only.

    Natural gas price indices (AECO AB-NIT 7A, 2A-5A, Union Dawn, Emerson, Station 2, Huntingdon/Sumas, etc.) published in CGPR are used for trading, settlement and clearing of physical, futures and derivative OTC products on the Natural Gas Exchange (NGX), the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) and directly in natural gas buyer/seller contracts.

    CGPR Monthly is published on the first business day of the month and contains month ahead, same day and day ahead natural gas prices and price indices for all major trading locations and hubs in Canada and the U.S. for the month. In particular, it contains the Empress and AECO AB-NIT 7A month ahead and 2A, 4A and 5A same day prices and price indices. Click to download a sample copy of CGPR Monthly.

    CGPR Daily is produced every business day and contains daily natural gas prices and price indices for all major trading locations and hubs in Canada and the U.S. It provides a summary of the previous day’s market prices and price indices, including month-to-date index price averages. It also provides a Canadian and U.S. natural gas market commentary. It is automatically e-mailed to your inbox every day and the online website version is complete with detailed month-to-date price summary tables. Click to download a sample copy of CGPR Daily.

    CGPR Subscription Information

    An annual subscription to CGPR Monthly and Daily costs $1660.00 (+GST/HST). A subscription limits the subscribing company to one and only one non-commercial user. Up to two additional users (from the same subscribing company) may be added to the corporate subscription at an additional cost of $595.00 (+GST/HST) each. A Distribution License and Use Agreement is required if there are 3 or more users from the same company or if (regardless of the number of users) CGPR is used for commercial purposes such as for trading, trade settlement, in gas supply contracts or agreements, risk management and hedge agreements, etc. Please contact us for a copy of the Distribution License and Use Agreement.
    The Distribution License allows for up to 25 users from the same subscribing company and includes Monthly Historical Data. The annual cost of a CGPR Distribution License is $6730.00 (+GST/HST).

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